Microwave - Everyday Delicious Kitchen



The microwave cooks up tender-crisp vegetables, super sauces and boneless chicken breasts in a flash! As a bonus, this underused oven lets you cook with little or no fat.

  • Use only microwave-safe glass and plastic containers. Do not use containers with metal trim.
  • Avoid splatters by covering food loosely with a paper towel.
  • Use cooking times as a guide, since every oven is different.
  • Don't double recipes and expect cooking time to double.
  • Cut food in same-sized pieces for even cooking.
  • When reheating, stir food 2 to 3 times to distribute heat evenly.
  • Since milk boils up easily, heat in a large container.
  • To avoid steam burns, open lids or vent plastic wrap away from you.
  • Remove hot dishes with pot holders.