Kitchen Safety for Adults Cooking With Kids - Everyday Delicious Kitchen


Kitchen Safety for Adults Cooking With Kids

  • Before entering the kitchen, ask your child to identify any potential dangers. What's hot? What's sharp? Electrical appliances? Demonstrate if necessary what to watch out for.
  • Demonstrate safe cutting techniques (peel away from your hand, keep fingers away from the blade, don't point the sharp end of the knife at yourself or others, etc.)
  • Know where the first aid kit and fire extinguisher are kept, hopefully close by.
  • Turn saucepan and skillet handles to the middle of the stove this way you won't bump a handle and spill hot food.
  • Make sure mixers and blenders are turned off before you scrape the sides of the bowl or allow little fingers near them.
  • Provide only microwave safe equipment when pulling out the equipment and utensils needed.
  • Instead of wiping hands on aprons, dish clothes or tea towels, encourage regular hand washing and drying instead.
  • Instruct children to direct sneezes and coughs away from food and to cover their mouths and to wash hands immediately afterward.