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Essential BBQ Utensils

If you love the sport, you have to have the right equipment. Here's a checklist of the basics and a few handy add-ons you might want too.

Wide spatula:

Burgers, chicken pieces, steaks, and veggies take a turn for the better with a wide metal spatula.

Grill Tongs:

For turning sausages and franks, but also scallops, prawns, tortillas/pitas.

Meat fork:

For lifting large roasts and whole birds once they're done cooking. Also helps with carving.

Grill brush:

Brass bristles resist rust and won't scratch porcelain enamel. Steel brushes are better for cast-iron grates.

Basting brush:

We recommend natural bristles (nylon bristles will melt if they touch the cooking grate) and a long handle. Always wear a mitt when basting, in case of flare-ups.

Barbecue mitts:

Long-sleeve, flame-resistant mitts protect your hands and forearms. Use two when lifting roasts.

Meat thermometer:

Invest in a quality one. Most are a probe you can stick into the centre of the meat for a quick read and cannot be left in the meat. Others can be left in - the probe is attached to a wire that runs outside the grill. These usually have an alarm that sounds when the food reaches the desired temperature.

Spray bottle:

A spray bottle full of water is handy to keep around in case of small flare-ups while you are cooking. Use water sparingly to avoid steaming your food or putting out the fire.

Nice additions:

  • A super wide spatula designed for turning whole fish.
  • Skewers make turning small foods quick and easy. Soak wooden/bamboo ones for 30 minutes before threading them.
  • A vegetable wok/grill topper makes grilling small and delicate vegetables easy.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Wash tools with hardwood handles by hand to preserve wood finish.
  • Wash natural-bristle basting brushes by hand. Use plenty of hot, soapy water to wash oils out and rinse well. Smooth the bristles and air-dry completely.