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Baking Pan Substitutions

Don't have the correct baking pan called for in the recipe? Not to worry, here is a quick and handy reference guide for pan substitutions. General rule of thumb, select a slightly larger pan, never a smaller pan. The baking time will also change, so make sure to check for signs of doneness.

Recipe calls for this pan: This pan can be used:
20 cm x 10cm, loaf 20cm, round
23 cm, round 20cm, square
20cm, square 23cm, round
23cm, square 20 to 24 muffin cups
23cm x 12.5cm, loaf 16 to 20 muffin cups
27.5cm x 17.5cm, rectangle 23cm x 12.5cm, loaf
25cm Bundt or fluted ring pan Two 23cm, round