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Asian Cooking Equipment

The Wok

The wok is the most important piece of cooking equipment in South East Asia and China. The rounded bottom of the wok provides a range of cooking temperatures in one pan, which can be important in stir frying.

Wok Tools

The most important wok tool is the charn, a long handled shovel scoop used to stir fry. Other wok tools include; a ladle, used to transfer liquids to and from the wok; a strainer with a metal basket to remove foods from hot oil; a strainer with a bamboo basket for removing foods from boiling water or stock; a bamboo whisk brush for cleaning; a rack which sits on the side of the wok for draining fried foods.


Large dedicated steamers with multiple stacking are available in metal, but more common are the stackable bamboo steamers. These are designed to be used in a wok over boiling water and are often used as serving dishes.

Clay pots

Clay pots glazed on the inside are used for baking or stewing. 


The cleaver is very versatile as it performs all the functions of the western kitchen knives. Light cleavers are used for general chopping, slicing and carving; heavier, thicker cleavers are used for chopping bones.

Rice Cooker

These are inexpensive electric appliances that cook perfect rice very time.Simply place rice and the right amount of water in the cooker and follow the manufacturers instructions.

Hand Held Blender or Small Food Processor

Most South East Asian dishes require considerable fine chopping, mincing or grinding. A hand held blender with a mincer & chopper attachment or a small food processor is a welcome addition to the Asian kitchen.