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Favourite Baked Cheesecake Recipes

Favourite Baked Cheesecakes

I love a baked cheesecake

The rich creamy texture is completely different to the light and airy chilled cheesecake. Whilst a baked cheesecake can be served all year round I think they are perfect for the cooler months because of their heavier texture.
The great thing about cheesecake recipes is they can be made ahead a day or two, making them the entertainer’s friend. They become very firm in the fridge, so remember to remove them an hour before you serve. They are also good served a little warm especially when paired with poached fruit… yum!

A few of quick tips:
ALWAYS make sure the PHILLY cheese is softened before you start.
Don’t overcook! It’s OK if the centre is wobbly, it will firm on standing.
A dish of water at the bottom of the oven provides humidity to help prevent cracks.

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