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About Everyday Delicious Kitchen

The Everyday Delicious Kitchen (formerly Kraft Kitchens) has been creating recipes for the home cook using an amazing array of trusted food products for many years now. Favourites such as:, Vegemite, Philadelphia, Peanut Butter and Salad dressings are familiar additions to the  fridge door and pantry shelves in many homes around the country.

So who dreams up the recipes I hear you ask?

Trish McKenzie is The Food Design Manager of the Everyday Delicious Kitchen. A passionate foodie, she and her team of qualified Food Design Consultants work together to create mouth-watering recipes to suit almost any occasion, ranging from weekday dinner to Christmas dinner and beyond. Keeping an eye out for new food trends as well as interesting ingredients, means there is always something cooking in the kitchen.

Recipe development can be a complex business…first you need to start with the product required. Next the team needs to be clear on whom it is we are developing the recipe for and why? The research and concept stage is then completed, then we agree on what needs to be tested. Often recipes will be tested at least 2 or 3 times to make sure they are just right, before presenting them to the brand teams within our organisation.

The appearance of food influences its actual crave ability…in other words we eat with our eyes. Creating the beautiful imagery to support our products and our recipes is the next step in the process. Trish and the team get their creative juices flowing at the photography studio where the recipe is once again prepared with the freshest of ingredients. It is then suitably propped and styled in collaboration with some of the best food photographers in Melbourne to produce a mouth-watering result. These beautiful images are then used often in a number of ways: on the website, in cookbooks for example the Simply Heaven Series, on pamphlets and booklets in the supermarket and often in a magazine or two.

The team are also involved with developing new products in conjunction with our R&D departments as well as new flavours for products that already exist on the supermarket shelf.